Are you applying your skin care in the correct order?

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Think the order you use your skincare doesn’t matter? Well skincare unlike cosmetics, is formulated to act on your skin in certain ways and on the certain condition of your skin. To reap the rewards, follow our guide.

Weighing up

Products need to be able to penetrate the skin through the product you have applied prior. This means you need to pay attention to their weight. As a rule of thumb, lightest goes first.


Morning or night, start with cleanser. If you have a thermal water spray, mist on before cleansing to loosen oil and dirt beforehand. If you use a toner, follow straight after cleansing.

Serums vs moisturisers 

Moisturisers, serums and oils work best on bare skin so no matter what you have in your arsenal these go post-cleansing and toning. If you use a serum, start with this as they are generally gel-like in consistency and therefore potentially the lightest of your products.

Eyeing off

Next apply an eye cream so it has a chance to work on the eye area before you put any more products on.


After this apply your moisturiser to the face and neck. Remember though, this should be heavier than the products you’ve just used. If you use a gel-cream formula and your serum feels heavier, switch them around. If your skin feels dry post-moisturising sometimes, this could be why.

Touch up

Throughout the day it’s okay to add more moisture but remember it has to penetrate through your makeup if you wear it. By the time you refresh with say, a moisturiser or facial mist at 3pm, the product you use won’t have to compete with as many as in the morning so it has a better chance of penetrating the skin, even if it’s lightweight.

Clear skin products

If you use them, acne products should go on bare skin as they should be localised on the affected area. If you apply after serums and moisturisers they will work to dilute it and act as a barrier preventing it from penetrating the skin.


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