Create The Perfect Contour

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Create The Perfect Contour

Step 1: Try a tinted moisturiser.

Make sure your hair is pulled away from your face. Squirt a quarter-sized amount of tinted moisturiser in a shade that’s three to four times darker than your skin tone on the back of your hand. Try. “I like to use the tinted moisturiser for contouring because it’s sheer and light,” says Anton. Subtly is important because you’re going to be adding other makeup looks to your contour later, but you can use foundation if you prefer—just water it down a bit so it’s easier to blend, or use a foundation stick like Maybelline New York Master Contour V-Shape Duo Stick, which comes with a built-in highlighter.

Dip a foundation brush into the tinted moisturiser or foundation, swirl it around on the back your hand (imagine the back of your hand as an artist’s palette), and then paint a stripe right under your cheekbone, starting at the bottom of your cheekbone and moving up towards your ear. Repeat on the other side and blend. “This will make your face look slimmer,” says Anton.

Step 2: Shade your forehead.

Next, you want to contour your forehead to help balance your face. Dunk your brush into the tinted moisturiser or foundation again. Starting at the end of one eyebrow, make a half circle that extends up to your hairline and then comes back down and stops just above the end of your other eyebrow. Blend upwards a bit with your brush, but don’t fully blend—that part comes later.

Step 3: Focus on your jawline.

To make your jawline look more defined and disguise a double chin, dip your brush in the tinted moisturiser or foundation again and paint a stripe along your jawline—starting at the left corner of your jaw and finishing at the right corner. Then apply the moisturiser to your neck, painting down from the line you made along your jaw until you reach to the base of your neck. This also helps avoid a line of demarcation between your face and neck.

Step 4: Slim your nose.

If you want to slim your nose a bit, use the last drops of tinted moisturiser or foundation on the back of your hand to make a skinny U shape around your nose. Starting near the inner corner of your eye, make a line that runs down one side of the bridge of your nose, swoops around the tip of your nose, and comes up the other side of the bridge, ending near the inner corner of your other eye. These lines should be thinner than the ones you made in other areas of your face.

Step 5: Go lighter.

Now pick up a lighter colour of tinted moisturiser or foundation that matches your skin tone. Using a clean foundation brush, fill in all naked spots of skin (areas that haven’t already been covered with the darker tinted moisturiser or foundation). Blend the lighter shade into the darker shade so the darker hue is no longer obvious. Your features should now look more defined, and your skin more sun-kissed.

Step 6: Add a highlight.

For added glow, swipe a shimmer stick over your brow bones, across the tip of your nose, and along your cheekbones and the bow of your lips.

Step 7: Set the makeup with powder.

Dust your face with translucent powder, “except for the cheeks which should remain nice and dewy,” says Anton. Hold off on this step if you’re going to be using creamy products later, as you don’t want to layer creams over powders (that can cause makeup to cake).

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