An Embellished Blue Eyeshadow Tutorial That Will Turn Heads

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One trend we’re seeing everywherethis year is embellishments, from sparkly hair parts and rhinestone-studded eye makeup to tooth gems. A scattering of gemstones adds an extra special touch to just about any makeup look, especially this winged-out blue eyeshadow by Brit (aka @glamxbrit). The frosty look would be gorgeous for prom, a festival or even a holiday event. To find out how to recreate the look in four steps, keep reading.

Step 1:

Wing It Out

  • To start, Brit grabbed a very thin eyeliner brush. Using a dark blue shade, she sketched out a winged eyeliner shape. “It doesn’t have to be precise at all because you’re going to smoke it out in the next step,” she says.

Step 2:

Apply Some Shimmer

Once the eyeliner is complete, it’s time to brighten up the look with a lighter blue shade. “I used a flat brush to really dig into the pan and applied the shade all over my lid,” says Brit. “It’s so pretty, really pigmented and looks wet, so you won’t need too much product.” Then, using a buffing brush, blend the liner with the shadow for a diffused look. 

For a more intense colour payoff, wet your brush with setting spray prior to application.

Step 3:

Focus on the Lower Eye

To create dimension, Brit suggests dragging the dark blue used in the first step across the lower lash line. “Use the same eyeliner brush and connect the lower lash line to the upper liner and create a tapered shape,” she says. “I did not blend the lower line to keep it crisp and pretty.” 

Step 4:

Add Final Touches

To make the look pop, you have to add some face gems (like these from Amazon). Start by applying small dots of lash glue where you want your gems and then apply them with a pair of tweezers or a dotting tool. Finish off with some fake lashes, mascara and a nude lip.



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