Ask the experts: are facial cleansing devices worth it?

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There’s much buzz about electronic cleansing tools for the face like Beauteous's Vida, and dozens on the market: what began with oscillating sonic brushes has morphed into pulsating, silicone nubs. But are these exfoliating gadgets really pore-perfecting godsends, or as damaging as taking sandpaper to your skin? We asked the professionals.

Dr. Stefanie Williams, dermatologist and medical director at European Dermatology London
A good device can be a useful adjunct to manual cleansing, as long as you avoid using them on sensitive skin, or skin with acne or rosacea. There are clinical studies to confirm that the Clarisonic brush removes harmful pollutant build-up better than manual cleansing, and also that the brush helps active skincare penetrate better when applied afterwards. For those reasons I like a brush, recommend it to certain patients and use it myself a couple of times a week. Overuse, however, may impair our skin’s barrier function, ultimately drying it out and leading to possible irritation and inflammation. Use sensibly. 

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