How To Fix Broken Makeup in 3 Steps

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It’s impossible to describe the Earth-shattering feeling of accidentally smashing your favourite powder highlighter, eyeshadow or foundation into a million crumbled pieces. In those few seconds, all feels wrong with the world and you question why you didn’t treat your makeup with the care that it deserves. And just like that, your beloved powder ends up in the trash can. What’s wrong with this scenario? The answer: everything.

Before you toss your shattered powder, use these easy step by step instructions to find out how to save your broken makeup.


You’ll Need: your broken powder, a makeup wipe and a cotton swab


1.Break Your Cracked Powder Even More 
Break up your powder compact (even more) into tiny pieces using a cotton swab. Spread them out across the compact so they’re evenly distributed. 

2. Flatten It Back Into Place
Place a makeup remover wipe over the broken pieces of powder, and press down with your fingers to flatten your product and shape it back into the compact. Lift up the remover wipe to see where you need to apply more pressure to flatten down all the pieces.

3. Clean the Edges of the Palette
Clean up the edges of your makeup container with your makeup wipe or a cotton swab, and you’re good to go. Your powder obviously won’t have the pretty design that was imprinted in it before you destroyed it, but your compact will certainly be brought back from the dead (or the bottom of your trash can). You and your $45 highlighter can thank us in the comments.


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