The Instagram Makeup Trends We’re Trying and Ditching In 2021

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The Instagram Story filters have no doubt influenced how we wear and apply makeup. From colorful, drawn-on freckles and squiggly cut creases to full-on holographic rainbow looks, we’re getting better and better at translating these digital designs onto our faces IRL. While we want to bring many of these trends with us into 2021, there are some we’d rather leave behind. Ahead, we’ve broken down what filter-inspired makeup looks are in and what ones are out for 2021.

IN: Detailed Butterflies

We’re calling it now: the butterfly filters will live on in 2021, and so will the makeup looks inspired by them. The tiny precise lines and gorgeous bold colors will make anyone stop and stare. Whether you rock a butterfly or two on your crease as seen here or try butterfly winged eyeliner, the trend is here to stay.

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OUT: Colored Brows

Don’t get us wrong, we love a colored hair or brow IG filter on our Stories, but we won’t be bringing the look to life in the new year. In 2021, we plan on embracing our natural brows, by simply brushing them up with a little product.

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IN: Brow Cut Creases

While color on the brows is so 2020, we love the idea of pushing that color down onto the brow bone instead. In this look, @luciphyrr created a pretty pastel brow bone cut crease, keeping her lids and under-eye area completely bare. 2021 will be the year we experiment with liners and eyeshadows, and this brow bone style is a perfect place to start.

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OUT: Heavy Contouring

There are lots of filters out there that can make you look chiseled and sculpted and products that can help you replicate this IRL. Heavy contouring, though, can look a bit unnatural and heavy for our taste, so we’re planning to leave it behind in 2021. Instead, we love this subtle contour look by @alzz.khanom that looks totally natural.

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IN: Shapes On the Face

We’re loving the digital-inspired trend of placing shapes all over the face, like this look from @pradaolic. She played around with the shapes, sizes and placement of the smiley faces, creating a truly striking look.

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OUT: Nose Art

We like the concept of connecting our makeup onto other parts of the face via the bridge of our nose, but standalone shapes and shadows on the nose itself feels too funky. Instead, we’d opt for something like this glitter look that carries the art onto the cheeks, too.

IN: Embellished Faux Freckles

Freckles are a trend we love on IG and on our face. Filters have inspired us to think outside of the box when it comes to freckles. You can use makeup,, rhinestones, pearls or even dried flowers to get the look.

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