Tutorial: How to Apply Primer Like a Pro

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A flawless face is a base for every great makeup look, and while a great skincare regimen, foundation and concealer work wonders, makeup artists have another trick up their sleeves for stunning skin: the primer. Primer preps your skin for the perfect foundation application by filling in fine lines and smoothing pores, and it also keeps your makeup looking fresh all day. Consider it the key to making your skin makeup-ready. Here are our tips on how to apply your primer like a pro.


Moisturise:  Always apply moisturiser before priming, as it makes your primer application even. Wait a few minutes after your application before priming. Two of our favourite moisturisers are Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream and SkinCeuticals Daily Moisture.

Dab & Blend:
Makeup artist Elle Leary gave us this tip for applying your primer: “When it comes to primers a little bit goes a long way. Start in the centre of the face and work your way out- you want a light coverage, not heavy.”

Beauty guru Tim Quinn recommends applying with your fingertips or a sponge (lately Tim has been loving the beauty blender sponge) and avoiding the eye area. Wait Once your primer is on, allow a few minutes for it to set before applying foundation.  Our favourite primer pick is Hot Sweety Primer which is affordable and an asset to your daily routine.

Are you a primer lover or giving it a try for the first time?
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