Why You Should Use a Setting Spray

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Remember when you discovered the staying power of hairspray? It probably went a little something like this: After you carefully curled your hair, you tried a tentative blast of spray. Then you gave in to temptation and sprayed on a full, generous dose. And your curl lasted so long! Since then, you’ve never looked back. Ah, memories.

setting spray

Ready to recapture that magical moment? All the joy of hairspray is now available for your face. That's right: It's called setting spray, and we are totally in love with it. Like hairspray for hair, or a clear coat for nail polish, a setting spray sets your makeup, keeping your look fresh and in a place far longer than it would normally last.

Could it be true? It is.

Ever wondered how professional dancers and actors keep their makeup from sweating off? The setting spray has been their secret weapon all along. But even if you aren’t performing Swan Lake or competing in a reality TV dance competition, you can still bask in the time, temperature and gravity defying benefits of a setting spray.

Using Setting Spray

Made to prevent all makeup, including foundation, eye shadow and lipstick, from creasing, smudging or fading, most setting sprays go on much like hairspray: in a fine mist. It should be applied after completing a full face of makeup, whether it’s your regular, minimal routine or a look that is more elaborate.

To use, shake the bottle, then close your eyes and spray it on in both an “X” shape and a “T” shape, about eight to ten inches from your face.

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