Hot Sweety PRO Matte Setting Spray

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Your makeup setting spray is like your hairspray, it is the finishing touch in your beauty regimen. Start with Hot Sweety Face Primer then apply your makeup, including your foundation, eyeshadow, mascara and lipstick. Then, hold your makeup spray at arm's length, and apply a few squirts. Don't rub it in; just allow it to dry naturally

- High Definition

- Long Lasting  

- Matte Finish

- 100% Cruelty-Free

Using Setting Spray

Made to prevent all makeup, including foundation, eye shadow and lipstick, from creasing, smudging or fading, most setting sprays go on much like hairspray: in a fine mist. It should be applied after completing a full face of makeup, whether it’s your regular, minimal routine or a look that is more elaborate.

To use, shake the bottle, then close your eyes and spray it on in both an “X” shape and a “T” shape, about eight to ten inches from your face.


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