Cleansing Green Stick Green Tea Mask Purifying Clay Stick Mask

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Taking care of your skin is just another form of showering yourself with self-love. With everyone seeking nature for their skincare solutions, another skincare product that has created a buzz is the Green Tea Stick Mask, surpassing the sky with admiration. Since we know you must have queries regarding the stick mask, we have this apt Green Mask Stick Review. Amongst the many reviews on board, we will try to answer every single question that might cross your mind. 

How Does Green Mask Stick Work? (Green Tea Mask Ingredients)

What makes the green tea mask stick work its magic is its ingredients. The Green Tea Face Mask Stick possesses all skin-friendly ingredients that help not only purify it but prove to be beneficial in many other ways as well. Such natural constituents are green tea extract, tea tree oil, aloe vera, jojoba oil, volcanic mud, and matcha.

Green Tea Extract: It is a potent antioxidant that helps in eliminating dead skin cells, bacteria, and dirt from the skin. Therefore, green tea extract in the green mask stick helps to soothe the skin, decrease sebum production, and treat acne.

Tea Tree Oil: Tea Tree Oil present in the green cleansing mask stick not only soothes the skin but also reduces irritation. It is anti-inflammatory property helps to combat oily skin while healing acne-prone skin. Similarly, the tea tree oil in the mask stick can alleviate dry skin and moisturize it for a long time.




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