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Makeup Mistake #1: Not Prepping Your Under-Eye Area for Concealer

Giorgio Armani Celebrity makeup artist Tim Quinn says his biggest makeup application pet peeve is seeing people apply concealer to bare skin. “I advise using a serum or eye cream and massaging it around the eye for a few moments prior to application of concealer,” he says. “This will help solve the issue of the concealer creasing and looking dry.

Makeup Mistake #2: Putting on Too Much Foundation 

Maybelline New York Lead Makeup Artist Grace Lee routinely sees people layering on too much foundation. “It makes me crazy when people with good skin put on a mask of foundation on their skin,” she says. “Foundation should enhance skin and cover blemishes, not act as a full-on mask.” In order to alleviate this makeup faux-pas, Lee suggests making sure you’re blending and sheering out your foundation each time you apply it. “It’s important to apply a thin layer and then build on where you need extra coverage,”

Makeup Mistake #3: Buying the Wrong Products Because of #Instagram Pressure

Urban Decay Global Makeup Artist Steve Kassajikan says that the biggest makeup mistake he sees clients making is buying makeup because it looks good on others, even if it doesn’t suit their skin type. “A certain foundation or concealer that works for one person might not work for another based on their skin type and needs,” he says. “Whether your skin is oily, dry or acne-prone makes a big difference on how makeup will sit on your face and look once applied.”

Makeup Mistake #4: Not Blending Your Contour

The makeup mistake that irks NYC-based makeup artist Mary Irwin is when guru’s don’t blend out their contour enough. “First off, make sure you’re doing makeup in good light,” she says. “Ideally you want natural light or something that mimics it. Secondly, get the best brushes you can afford. The little brushes that come with the container are never great. And third, start with less color than you think you need and make sure it’s blended in well.”

Makeup Mistake #5: Not Prepping Your Skin Before Makeup

“Proper skin prep is the biggest mistake I see people making,” says fellow NYC-based makeup artist Kasey Spickard. And he’s right — good makeup starts with good skin. “Make sure you are properly exfoliating and hydrating your skin,” he adds. “So often, I see dry, flaky, cakey makeup.” This means that you’ll want to physically or chemically exfoliate on a regular basis and apply moisturizer before your makeup application. Doing so will leave your skin bright, smooth and plump — the perfect canvas for whatever makeup look you’re creating. 

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